Crypto investing: I’ve NEVER Seen Anything Like This Before!

Hi, in the chart below you will see that folks who joined me in my Crypto journey in May last year are currently +369% on Bitcoin and +804% on ETH alone.

Some of the smaller coins in my portfolio have done even better! The best performer is currently +2161%!

Just $100 invested into this particular coin gave over $2100 profit in a year!

Had you invested $500 into this one coin, it would now be worth $10,935.

Here is a screenshot of the gains our portfolio has made based on the dates folks joined us. The beta testers back in May when Bitcoin was only $8130. Then the webinar on the 28th October when it was $13,300 and finally a webinar on the 16th December when it was $19.459.

Is it too late?

Crypto is no joke and I have never seen % increases like this in all my years trading financial markets.

The good news is that those who joined just over a month ago have still seen our portfolio rise by more than 100%.

Whatever they invested last month, has now doubled.

One of our newer members hesitated in October and again at the end of December and finally took a leap of faith and joined a couple of days ago.

That’s another 100% gain missed just in January.


This is happening SO quickly that there is no time to waste.

If you have any interest in cryptocurrencies and have spare cash sitting in the bank earning nothing, then you really do need to at least consider it.

Take action now or you risk completely missing the boat.

I am still buying BTC and ETH on the dips.

I am trading some of the smaller coins and moving the profits into BTC and ETH.


You can either be active and take weekly profits from small trades, or simply buy and hold long-term. Whatever you decide to do, don’t let fear stop you from you getting involved in what I genuinely believe is the BEST financial opportunity in our lifetime!

To help you get started, my daughter Charlotte who looks after our marketing and clients is currently running a Valentine’s Day Special Offer; 14% off our annual membership price – saving you $97!

She says: Cliche? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely.

If you do decide to take advantage of this offer then you’ll need to make even less profit on your first purchase to pay for it. Most of our members made back the money from our membership price within the first few weeks!

My Trading & Investing Experience

I traded stocks in the crazy dot.com boom of the 1990’s (the crypto boom is spookily similar). I have traded forex since 2002 and I believe this is the best opportunity in my lifetime to make serious gains in a short period of time and the possibility of life changing gains for our families if we catch the right coins & blockchains. Those that I believe have the potential to become the “next Amazon.”

My Crypto Journey

Back in 2019 I started to study blockchains and cryptocurrencies. In truth, prior to then, I really didn’t “get” crypto. To my shame, Omar who used to be with us tried to get me involved in mining Bitcoin about 5 years ago ☹

Anyhow, no use crying over that spilled milk.

By January 2020 I was a convert to crypto.

It is so similar to the dot.com boom.

In that period there were lots of internet companies springing up all over the place, with really cool names & ideas, but most with no real assets nor substance.

I made a lot of money and then due to my lack of experience at that time I hung on for too long and lost a chunk of my profits.

Many of these new start-ups disappeared, but from the ashes of the crash companies like Google, Ebay, Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba and more went on to become some of the most profitable companies on the planet.

Had you invested $1000 in each you would now be a multi-millionaire.

I see so many parallels with what is going on now in the cryptocurrency world.

Basically, I am looking for the next Amazon.

My Crypto Investing Journey

Bitcoin Is A Store Of ValueI started investing in January 2020 when Bitcoin was around $8000 & my second-biggest holding, Ethereum was at $135.

As of today BTC is $38,172 & Eth just broke $1700 for the first time. It may well drop by the time you read this, but that’s just part of the wild swings in crypto.

I have a plan so I don’t stress about it.

Then in May I opened my new website to beta members when BTC was at $8130 (after the covid crash/rebound) and Eth was at $205 and I also introduced them to the rest of my portfolio, another 18 or so smaller tokens that my research convinces me that they have the potential to make significant and in some cases, life-changing gains.

As of today, 5th February 2021 BTC is up 331%, Eth 783%.

My biggest winner is up 2187% and only 2 coins from my entire portfolio are currently negative.

I am still holding them as I believe one of them could shoot to the moon 😊

If you have read this far then you may think that it’s too late for you to get involved.

I actually believe that this is just the start of this boom and that 2021 is going to be the year when we will see potentially massive gains.

Even folks who joined us just over a month ago are up over 100%

Valentines Special Offer


investing in cryptocurrenciesThe Crypto Bull Run & How to Profit From it

All of this experience, combined with my almost 20 years in trading currencies convinces me that this time I will make a lot of profit, but not stay in too long.

I believe that this year is likely to be the most profitable before crypto becomes more mainstream and things stabilize.

In my opinion, most of the 6000 coins will disappear and others will be absorbed.

The strong ones will become the future giants. Blockchains are revolutionizing the business world and especially finance. As the outgoing Chair of the CFTC recently stated

“The whole idea of DeFi really is, number one, it’s obviously revolutionary, and I think at the end of the day could lead to a massive disinter-mediation of the financial system and the traditional players………….

My Strategy

I approach crypto in a slightly different way to forex. I start from a fundamental perspective. THEN use the technical skills I share with you here at FMP to pinpoint entries and targets (my M2 method works incredibly well in crypto).

I do not trade using leverage as it’s crazy in crypto and you can lose your shirt. My main strategy is to buy and hold. I take profits on the smaller coins and move them into my top 5 that I believe will be around for the long term.

What are the benefits of joining me?

If you know me from Forex then you will know that I am spookily accurate at spotting buy/sell opportunities in advance. To this day, 90% of things that I have called in crypto have been accurate.

My team and I do deep fundamental research on any coin before it is added to our portfolio.

I share that with you and record videos showing you the areas that I am interested in for each of the coins in my portfolio and my reasoning for it.

This means you can discover how to spot these trends for yourself further down the line.

If you simply want me to do the work for you, well, you’re in luck. I send out updates to all of my members when I am personally buying, holding and/or selling specific coins .

If you want to make weekly profits, I have introduced a new section for trading. We trade WITHOUT using leverage and move the profits made from the smaller coins into BTC, ETH and other long term hold coins.

If you want to buy and hold and do nothing else, that’s completely fine. You get access to my entire portfolio of coins and research to see my reasoning behind each one. I will continue to notify you of any drastic changes and tell you when I think you should get in, and more importantly, when it’s time to get out.

You will always have someone monitoring the market for you.

Best of luck whatever you choose to do,

Marc Walton

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