Why trust me?

Marc Walton


Your Investing Future is a brand new site that has been in the making for the last 12 months, but I have been around for donkey’s years.

I have worked in the financial markets for 30 years. By 2006 I was trading million dollar accounts for private clients and in 2008 I launched an online education site and have mentored over 10,750 people which is still going strong today.

I have 100’s of 5* reviews as a mentor, mostly highlighting my honesty, authenticity, ability to teach and the quality of my work.

I have added a few reviews below so you can see what others have said/say about working with me.

*These reviews are genuine and have been verified* 

“I have been a client of Marc for over 10 years and can vouch for his 5* reputation as a financial analyst, trader and mentor. The guy understands financial markets like no one else I ever met & is able to explain it to the man in the street. This year he recommended to buy gold in March at $1500 an ounce, it went up over 38% within 5 months. He then told me he was buying more Bitcoin at $8130 and it bounced back to $10,000 in a matter of days and today it’s at $11,500.

I was hesitant to get involved in cryptocurrencies at first as there was a lot of talk around it being a big speculation. It wasn’t until I talked with Marc and was surprised to find how passionate he is about the subject that I decided to explore it further. I can now see with my own eyes why he believes that it’s a great opportunity.

I couldn’t be happier to have found a mentor back in 2009 who is willing to share his techniques with me, but also hand me his strategy on a silver platter”

Steve C

“I been a member of YIF for 3 months, in that time my Crypto portfolio has almost trebled. Marc provides excellent technical and fundamental training and analysis, with regular video, written and Telegram updates, queries and questions are dealt with quickly and thoroughly. I’m also a long-term member of Marc’s FXMP group where he teaches a variety of technical trading techniques and provides spookily accurate weekly analysis. I highly recommend both groups”.

John W

“I have followed Marc over a number of years, so when he launched this service I didn’t hesitate to join. I’ve been impressed with the level of research, preparation and analysis – the way the website works it feels very much like a personal service. The proof of the pudding is that I’m currently up over 300% in 5 months, which for me is unprecedented. To know that I’ll also get some insights as to when to consider taking profits is also important to me.”


“We are continually looking for ways to diversify our investment portfolio and passive income streams. One area that we always had interest in, but were too afraid to invest in due to the horror stories you hear about hackers, was the world of cryptocurrency.

Joining Your Investing Future turned into one of the best investment decisions we’ve
ever made and the easy-to-understand webinar coupled with the emphasis on safety and security along with their expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness made us sign up for their membership program the same day.  Since then, we haven’t looked back.  Not only are Charlotte, Marc, and Larry amazing people, but we highly recommend their membership program to anyone that is looking to take advantage of such an unprecedented period in the world and diversify their investment portfolio.”


Tony and Thera

Messing Around the World

“After hearing about Marc and the team at Your Investing Future through my involvement with Forex Mentor Pro I attended the free scheduled webinar out of curiosity. Never one to pay much attention to this kind of thing, I found myself silently agreeing with numerous points Marc made regarding cryptocurrency as well as financial literacy. Just a few days later, I committed to giving it a shot. 

After a few months I have doubled my initial investment, received exemplary support with any question or concern, and gained a more intimate understanding of achieving financial freedom. I have personally recommended Your Investing Future’s easy to follow and simple to implement system to my closest peers and will continue to do so”.


“I am so grateful for the team at your investing future. I have always been interested in cryptocurrencies yet I was so overwhelmed & really had no clue where to start. I am so grateful that I decided to take the plunge & join. I have learnt so much & my anxiety around it all has eased!

It was literally the easiest step by step process to follow.”

Your Investing Future