Dreaming of Financial Independence?

You need to take back control

We created this website to catch the crypto boom in 2020. We timed the price surge almost to perfection. Catching the next financial boom and avoiding a crash is our goal. Our CEO Marc Walton has 30 years experience in financial markets & is well known for his trading skills.

After leading our group to spectacular crypto gains in 2020/21 here is what he is focusing on right now.

This site has a ton of great content that is just sat there while we wait for the next cycle, SO you can login now, FREE, no charge, no credit card required!

Want to know:

  • How to get out of debt?                                                             
  • Where is the safest place to park your money?
  • What to invest in right now? Which to avoid?
  • Which assets to invest in during a recession, how & why?
  • Which markets will be next to shoot up? Clue they ALWAYS do this
  • Where to invest the profits
  • When & how to get involved in property without much money? Marc bought 10 houses this way

As Marc says “I have a passion for helping folks to REALLY understand how the financial world works and how the little guy gets scr*wed everytime. If you want to plan better than the professionals. Here is your chance of a lifetime.

    “how to thrive and prosper in what is most likely going to be an upcoming recession.” 

Dreaming of financial independence? Now more than ever, after the global pandemic, it has become apparent that we need to take control of our own finances.

We cannot rely on Governments for more handouts.

worried about your finances?

We started trading & investing in crypto when Bitcoin was at $7900 and rode it to $64,000 taking profits along the way.

Ethereum was $180 when we began and hit $4000. Our portfolio of over 40 tokens saw insane gains over 1000% at its peak, in less than 12 months now its gone to sleep so we wait.


Most folks will find the next 18 months to be very difficult.

Just keeping a roof over their heads, feeding their families and paying their energy bills is going to be a daily struggle.

The good news is that the smarter ones, who can see whats coming and have a plan can actually profit in this situation. It is claimed that

“more millionaires were created after the great depression than at any time in history”

investing in cryptocurrencies

If you’ve been here before…

You’ll know that we were heavily focused on crypto in 2020.

We knew that it was going to take off as quickly as it did, and so our entire brand message became about that, because we had no time for anything else.

We got in at the right time and took huge profits along the way.

We moved profits into other sectors and investment opportunities, which continue to thrive.

After 2 successful years, the markets have died down. We now have time to focus our attention to what we really created Your Investing Future for;

to teach people ways to build a financially free future. Hence the name.

So, what now?

There are numerous ways to make smart investments and have your money work for you. We show you some of these methods here at YIF.

We are currently in profit from shorting (we make money when stocks go down) and we show you how to do this.

We will be looking to turn profits into rental properties when the housing market bottoms and shows the first signs of a recovery.

Don’t have enought money or prices are too expensive where you live?

No problem.

We have a plan using other peoples money 🙂

As of now, October 2023: The world is on the verge of a major recession. We are positioning for that scenario right now.

If it doesn’t happen we have a plan for that too!

 We are all aware that government data about inflation does not reflect the reality. The price of food, heating & housing (rent or mortgages)is much higher than governments claim and it’s not possible to live a healthy life without those basics. Many folks are struggling just to survive

All governments manipulate data to fit their narrative. They also need to show inflation as being as low as possible as public sector workers and retirees pension increases are often linked to inflation.

Marc spoke about how inflation eats away at folks cash back in 2020 a full year before the Federal reserve acknowledged it

How can you avoid the impact of inflation?

Historically, a proven way to make money is via the stock market. What the marketers don’t tell you is that in a recession, it’s not unknown to lose more than half of your funds. It can be especially bad if you are looking to buy a house or retire soon. During the last big recession in 2008 stocks plunged almost 60% and took over 4 years to recover to the previous levels. 

Another option is to invest in special funds that are in real estate BUT definitely not now. After Covid there are huge numbers of empty shops and offices around the world that may never re-open. Also at the start of a recession is the worst time to invest in this sector.

We show you how and when to get involved. 

Trading. Marc traded (buying and selling during a week or month) stocks in the dot.com boom in the 1990’s. He traded forex (foreign currencies) since 2002, including managed funds for private clients. If you can learn to trade you can make money from anywhere in the world (Marc travels a lot) – no matter the cycle.

Crypto, we made insane profits. For now, in its cycle it’s best left alone, apart from a select few AND only with money you can afford to lose, You need to have a strong stomach for this market. If you are not in this position, wait for signs of green shoots and stay up to date with us, as we will be looking to catch the next cycle.

We also show you some weird and wonderful investments paying, 10, 20, 30% per year & you probably either didn’t hear about or you thought you can’t afford but you CAN get involved now!

Dreaming of financial independence?

Join us now, no charge and follow our plans & strategies

 Marc Walton

Marc Walton

30 Years Trading Markets

Why listen to Marc Walton?

“I have over 30 years of financial experience and since 2002 I have traded foreign currencies for myself and private clients online. To do this successfully I needed to become an expert on world economics.

I traded stocks and shares throughout the dot com boom of the 1990’s and since 2006
I traded million $ funds for clients.

In 2008 I launched an online trading education site that has helped over 12,750 people and I have 5* reviews for my mentorship on independent review sites.

In the offline world, I have built 3 brick & mortar companies from scratch and I am an experienced property investor.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is similar to buying and selling other currencies. Being able to get in and out of investments at the right time is key to being able to maximise ones profits. I am able to use my years of trading knowledge and apply it to the cryptocurrency, stocks, metals & property markets, judging when is a good time to sell and buy.

You may have heard that Cryptocurrencies are all over the place and investing into them is a risk. While they are certainly up and down, there are strategies that can be used to predict what will happen in the markets.” Marc Walton

Your Investing Future