Now that you have set up your mobile phone correctly to protect it, you need to download a free two-factor authentication app.

This is an additional layer of defence that is crucial for keeping your investments safe.

You may be familiar with this type of security measure. A common example includes logging into your Google account from an unknown location. Google will send you a code to your mobile phone and the only way to re-access your account is by entering that code into your Google account.

This application ensures that a hacker must have access to your two separate devices (computer and phone at the same time), and a number of different passwords that you have set up before they can steal your investments.

When accessing one of your accounts, you will firstly need to enter your extremely strong password, followed by a code sent you by the two-factor authentication app on your phone. This will make it nearly impossible to hack.

Today we are going to sign up to Google Authenticator.

Scroll down and select 2-step verification and tap ‘get started’. Enter your Gmail password and click next. Google will automatically send a prompt to your registered mobile number.

If your number isn’t connected to your Gmail account, click ‘choose another option’ and select ‘text message or voice call’ and fill in your details. You can then select the option that suits you best.


Once you have filled in your code and it has been accepted, you can ‘turn on’ the app. Scroll down to ‘authenticator app’ and select ‘set up’ then choose the type of phone you are using. Go back to your mobile phone and choose ‘scan bar code’.

Use your mobile phone to scan the bar code on the computer screen, by holding it up to the code as if you were taking a photo of it. Once approved, you will see a 6 digit code that refreshes every 20 seconds.


On your computer, you should now be able to press ‘next’. Use the currently displayed code on your mobile and enter it into your computer before it expires. Click ‘verify’ followed by ‘done’.

As a security measure for those of you will an old email address, scroll down to ‘devices you trust’ and select ‘revoke all’ in order to remove any unwanted saved login locations (i.e. an old computer that doesn’t require 2-step verification).


This way, your Gmail will always require 2 step verification.


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