Worried About a Christmas Crypto Price Drop

Hi, this is a post I shared yesterday with my crypto investing members here at Your Investing Future

If you hold any crypto this is important. Even if you don’t own any right now and think you have missed out then this could be a very good buying opportunity.

This was the information I shared with them. I run a portfolio that I share with them that has 20 coins. The big 3 plus 17 smaller ones, some of which I believe will go to the moon 🙂

The portfolio is up over 130% since January. Those that joined us at the full launch on the 28th of October are up over 50% even after the pullbacks. However, Bitcoin is at a high now and folks are getting twitchy, so whats the plan?

Worried About a Christmas Crypto Drop?

Worried About a Christmas Crypto Price DropLooking at the charts today I suspect that we may be about to see a pre Christmas pullback on many pairs.

If it happens, especially on Bitcoin this will in my opinion be an attempt by the big boys to create some panic so they can sweep up at a lower price.

Grayscale and Paypal are claimed to be buying as much as possible on dips which is to be expected.​​

​​If you are concerned about seeing your profits disappear then what you can do is convert some or all into Tether USDT which is a stable coin fixed to the price of the $USD.

Then look to buy back/swap USDT back into your coins after the drop.

The danger is of course the price does not drop, moves higher and you run the risk of buying back in higher up.​​​​

I see this as a buying opportunity if it happens and I will definitely buy more BTC.

I bought more recently at $1.1740 & 1.1640, if it drops lower I have pending orders at 15,400 & 14,400 & 13,200

I am looking to buy more ETH. If you are not in already or want to add to your portfolio then consider these levels: @ $510, ​​475 & 425.

I have a lot of XRP but if I wasn’t in it I would look to buy at ​​0.47cents & 0.40.

My personal strategy is to “buy & hold”​​ as I am convinced that crypto is going mainstream. You of course should have your own plan and decide what you are most comfortable with.


If you missed this the other day, you need to do it in the next few days or miss out:​​

XRP owners. There are FREE bonus tokens available from the Flare network.

Spark tokens equal to how many XRP you hold will be credited to your wallet IF you hold your XRP in one of the participating wallets by the 11th December.

These are free tokens that may have a value in the future so it would be silly to miss out!

When is the Snapshot date?

The first validated XRP ledger with a timestamp greater than or equal to 00:00 GMT on 12th December 2020.

Coming to a government near you 🙂

Back on the 11th of October 2020 I warned you how governments will be looking at creative ways to tax and steal your money to pay for covid. Its starting to come true already!

This week the Argentinian Government has decided to steal money from high net worth individuals to “help pay for covid” we warned you!


Today a report is released about a similar suggestion in the UK Tax The Wealthy to Pay for Covid

If you are not wealthy you may have no sympathy BUT this is the thin end of the wedge in my opinion. Creative ways for governments to get the hands on your cash to pay for Covid. Eventually, it won’t just be the rich. How about this suggestion from

Deutsche Bank Research: Tax home workers ‘to help those who cannot’

This is why many people are moving into crypto  to get it out of the way of the thieves!

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