Argentina’s Stealing Citizens Money

Governments coming for your money

In the recent webinar Marc hosted on the 28th October he explained how the rich are piling into Bitcoin as a safe haven to move their cash away from the government.

Marc showed how the USA had forced citizens who held gold to had it over to the Federal Reserve back in 1933 to help pay for the recovery after the Great Depression. Failure to do so could have resulted in a $10,000 fine AND or 10 years in Jail!

More recently in 2013 the Cypriot government (which is part of the EU) “stole” money from account holders to try pay for their screw-up with Greek bonds.

This week Argentina have joined the party, guess why? To help pay for the COVID crisis.

Argentina's Stealing Citizens MoneyAt the moment they are “only” going after folks with more than $2.5 million (net worth).

There will, of course, be little sympathy from poorer folks, but this is thin of the wedge.

I guarantee that this type of robbery will become mainstream in all countries, until or unless they change the monetary system, which is not going to happen overnight.

Me? I have more spare cash than I probably should have in crypto and gold. I don’t intend leaving it in the bank. Neither for them to make money out of it loaning it elsewhere whilst giving me nothing and more importantly running the risk of them going bust or stealing it on behalf of the government!

I do not wish to scaremonger BUT you have been warned (again)!

Argentina’s Stealing Citizens Money

This week the EU will announce how much more cash they are going to create out of thin air to pay for the pandemic and Joe Biden has also stated that (on top of the billions already given away “I AM LOOKING TO PROPOSE HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN COVID RELIEF.”

Japan is expected to release official figures of a third extra budget to fund a new stimulus package amid an increase in virus infections.

It doesn’t matter where you are politically ALL governments are going to do this.

Boris Johnsons UK government (center right) hinted last week that private pension funds should invest in public infrastructure plans they are ALL IT! Make a plan.