Hi, in today’s live training session I shared my investment plans for the rest of the year. We can trade forex, anything in all markets, bull, bear or ranging, but what about investing?

Everything you learn with us here at YourInvestingFuture & Forex Mentorpro should enable you not only to become better traders but also investors. Some, like me, will go on to manage their own pensions and even funds for others.

I have zero interest in paying funds management fees, win or lose, to give me 5 to 10% a year when it’s not even outrunning inflation.

JP Morgan recently explained in an internal memo that the goal for their high net worth clients was to make 7% this year. Those with less than a million are not even given a piece of that pie!

Last year with our crypto group I made 1198%! One of my students made 1650%!

A bad year trading forex over the years was if I made clients less than 50%. Think smarter. Think out of the box. Contrary to all the mystery and mystique that Wall Street uses to try make things look too complicated for the guy in the street, its not!

Markets move in cycles, as one area tumbles another will rise. Timing is of course key.

My theory for 2022 has been since the turn of the year, that there will be a further run-up in stocks and crypto, followed by a big drop until the Fed cancels its interest rate hikes and goes back to printing yet more fiat currency out of thin air. US stocks are way overvalued, pumped up by all the free money and aggressive share buybacks in many cases and with terrible P/E ratios. Every single time the Fed has increased rates at the same time as high inflation and a slowing economy they screw up and they are doing it again now.

The Ukranian war has of course, started since I made my initial plan and I explain in the video that if there is a ceasefire we can expect stocks, crypto etc to rise and gold and silver to fall. SO if you want to buy gold make a plan now and set the trap.

If a ceasefire is only temporary then we can expect the reverse to happen. Similarly, if the situation in Ukraine deteriorates we can expect gold and silver to rise and stocks to fall.

Here is an article from January this year (which also references one from 2018) where the author explains how this all ends badly for the Fed and therefore he concluded that Powell is not stupid and wouldn’t do it again! He got that part wrong but he explains why it IS a stupid idea. However the government can use inflation to eat into their debt mountain and its the little guy who is going to get squeezed the most. Here is the article: why-the-fed-will-slow-play-things/

My plan is to take some more profits out of my crypto portfolio and move it into gold, but not the usual way! I show in the video various ways to buy gold, silver and other metals using a different strategy that actually helps you to leverage your profits. I do NOT ever use leverage in a brokerage account for gold as you will get taken out all the time.

Nor do I use stops. This is a mid term buy and hold strategy against what I believe could become a full-blown recession. However, just holding the physical metal has costs for insurance and storage. I show innovative ways for you to consider making a plan now to protect your wealth. Inflation is already eating away at whatever you have,

I also bought a few stocks recently but only those which have a MUCH greater potential upside than down. Again I don’t use stops. Check out my strategy in the video.

Here are links to various websites I spoke about in the session: Will the Euro be the 1st Major to crash & burn?

General financial advice from many renowned experts in their respective fields: Wealthion

You can buy small amounts of metals from either of these firms, as ever do your own research and due diligence:

Free book and gold dealer in the USA: https://goldsilver.com/

Regulated European Broker I use to buy gold and silver & keep in their vaults: Bullionvault.com

This is a detailed explanation of my preferred method of investing indirectly in gold & metal miners -with a twist 🙂  How royalty-and-streaming-companies-create-value/

A crypto solution to buying gold. No storage nor insurance costs PLUS the chance to earn some interest on your holdings! https://paxos.com/paxgold/

As ever I am NOT a licensed financial adviser in any jurisdiction. Ths video is purely for educational purposes. You must do your own research and due diligence. On speculative investments its important that you only risk capital that you can afford to lose.

Having said all that if you have at least $70,000 to invest and would like to work with me, please get in touch via email: marc@yourinvestingfuture.com