Long term Member John from the UK (joined our forex trading site back in 2013) decided last October to follow my new crypto journey here at Your Investing Future.

Using a combination of my deep fundamental analysis on the numerous blockchains and tokens, added to the technical skills (M2) he learned with us at Forex Mentor Pro he has found his “calling” 🙂

His “buy & hold” crypto portfolio is currently over 400% in profit in just 6 months (he says himself it should have been more, but he started off very conservatively).

He also started trading crypto in December & is now focusing on that more than fx as it is proving to be very profitable for him,

Recently John decided to do an experiment that should give any folks who think that it’s too late to get into crypto hope!

Check out the screenshot below. John initially bought 20 tokens, 18 of which are in the portfolio I share with my crypto members. All of them except one are solid projects (which is key). He has bought Dogecoin as well which is the silly one, but he only risked $100, technically it was THE place to buy and it’s currently up 10x- he bought this based on M2 technical analysis.

John bought $100 of each of them between the 16th and 25th of March. In April (having taken some profit on some of the 20) he added 4 more.

As of today his account is up 86%! His initial $2500 invested has grown to $4653!! in just 7 weeks.

These are some basic rules that I recommend to my group:

  • Do NOT under any circumstances use leverage to trade you will lose all of your accounts and more, guaranteed!
  • Only trade with the trend. Its a bull market: only buy
  • Only buy when the trade has the potential to make at least 35% profit
  • Only buy into coins & projects that have a real-world use as I do not use stops (no leverage means you don’t need them)
  • Have a plan re taking profits, bank it all, take out the original stake, 80% of the profit? Your call
  • DO not get married to a trade, crypto does go up (and back down) extremely quickly!
  • Only risk money you can afford to lose
  • check out the important disclaimer. I share what I am doing and why, BUT anyone who chooses to get involved needs to be responsible for their own decisions.


Crypto in 2021?

I am convinced that this year will be as equally profitable as last. I think that once Bitcoin hits $100.000 then it will quite probably drop 30% (again) and very quickly which will scare off a lot of rookie traders and investors. I believe at that point there could well be a correction in most tokens and some will definitely drop dramatically. After the storm, the stronger projects, including BTC will march on.

It is my belief that when the boom ends then there will still be profits to be had from trading smaller projects.  Best of all I use my M2 method exactly the same way as I do for forex so its a win-win 🙂

This is a testimonial that John kindly gave us a few months ago:

“I been a member of YIF for 3 months, in that time my Crypto portfolio has quadrupled. Marc provides excellent technical and fundamental training and analysis, with regular video, written and Telegram updates, queries and questions are dealt with quickly and thoroughly. I’m also a long-term member of Marc’s FXMP group where he teaches a variety of technical trading techniques and provides spookily accurate weekly analysis. I highly recommend both groups”.

Here is a screenshot of his recent trading performance. I have covered the names of the coins and other information coins as this is part of the membership service. If you would like to know more about investing in cryptocurrencies and the opportunity to make incredible profits, even how to trade them, then find out more here:

How to Invest & Trade Cryptocurrencies

So still think you are too late to the crypto party? Less than 1% of the world’s population are currently invested, so in my opinion, things have a LONG way to go still 🙂