Dreaming of Financial Independence?

Why the upcoming cryptocurrencies boom could be the best financial decision of your lifetime

Take control of your own finances


Make smart investments


Take care of yourself & your loved ones

Dreaming of financial independence? Now more than ever, during the global pandemic, it has become apparent that we need to take control of our own finances. 10’s of millions of people are currently not working. We cannot be reliant on Governments for handouts.
Did you miss the Bitcoin boom in 2017? Maybe you didn’t understand it or you were too scared to get involved? Had you invested just $100 into one coin, you could have made over $100,000, within the same year.

We believe that it is happening again right now.

We believe that Cryptocurrencies are going mainstream & savvy investors who get involved now stand to make serious profits IF they get involved in the right ones. Big investors, banks & Wall street are already investing heavily in blockchains. Over 100,000 retailers now accept Bitcoin & many well-known brands such as Microsoft, Overstock & Expedia are now accepting Crypto as a form of payment. Even central banks are looking to create their own including China & the UK.

Your Investing future was created to help you take back control of your finances and put yourself, and the ones you care about first.

There are numerous ways to make smart investments and we will dive into those over the upcoming months, but right now, our only focus is on investing in cryptocurrencies.

dreaming of financial independence?

What are Cryptocurrencies?

cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is designed to work as a medium of exchange. They can be used to buy goods and services and use Cryptography to verify and secure transactions. 
Although cryptocurrencies can be used to buy goods, our main interest is the huge potential profits that can be made as they become more accepted.

Fact 1

Some companies have created their own currencies, commonly known as tokens, which can be interchanged for the goods or services that the company is offering.

Think of the tokens as casino chips. You need to exchange real currency for the chips (cryptocurrency) in order to access the good or service.

Fact 2

Cryptocurrencies work using a technology called Blockchain. This is a decentralized technology that is spread across many computers and manages transactions.

Every time you use or trade cryptocurrencies you must make sure you are doing so over a secure, and private internet connection to reduce the risk of being hacked.

Why is it worth getting involved?

Dreaming of financial independence? Cryptocurrencies have the potential to make you a lot of money over the next few years. Many people see Crypto as the currency of the future and are actively buying into them before they become more valuable. Companies such as Microsoft and Expedia now accept it as a form of payment.

Many of you will be aware that overtime, the value of money will decrease as a result of inflation. Governments continue to print money that they can’t afford and we will be the ones who suffer. Bitcoin on the other hand has a limited supply.

By owning cryptocurrencies, you can stop the central banks from managing your money supply.

Additionally, if you read more into the Blockchain, you’ll see that due to its decentralised nature, it is more secure than other traditional payment methods.

“We could be witnessing the historic birthing of a store of value through popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. It’s a great speculation. I have just under 2% of my assets in bitcoin.”
Paul Tudor Jones

Billion Dollar Hedge Fund Manager

If you invested $1000 in Bitcoin in 2016, just 4 years ago, by 2017 you would have made $1 million!

Dreaming of Financial Independence?

How Do I Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are available to purchase using real currency. The typical way to do this is to sign up to an exchange platform which allows you to trade the two. You will need to download an offline wallet, where you will store your cryptocurrencies once you have purchased them. Either this, or you can purchase a physical ‘digital’ wallet (similar to a USB) and store your currencies on it by downloading them. To access our free course explaining how to set up your accounts and invest in Cryptocurrencies,  click here


Protect Yourself!

Prior to buying Cryptocurrencies, you need to take various security measures to reduce the risk of being hacked. Cryptocurrencies are in popular-demand thus the increase of cyber attacks is rising. You have worked hard to earn your money so you need to make sure that you and your assets are protected.

Don’t worry, we know how to help.


 Marc Walton

Marc Walton

30 years trading experience

Why listen to me?

I have over 30 years of financial experience and since 2002 I have traded foreign currencies for myself and private clients online. To do this successfully I needed to become an expert on world economics.

I traded stocks and shares throughout the dot com boom of the 1990’s and since 2006 have traded million $ funds for clients.

In 2008 I launched an online trading education site that has helped over 10,750 people and I have 5* reviews for my mentorship on independent review sites.

In the offline world, I have built 3 brick & mortar companies from scratch and I am an experienced property investor.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is similar to buying and selling other currencies. Being able to get in and out of investments at the right time is key to being able to maximise ones profits. I am able to use my years of trading knowledge and apply it to the cryptocurrency markets, judging when is a good time to sell and buy.

You may have heard that Cryptocurrencies are all over the place and investing into them is a risk. While they are certainly up and down, there are strategies that can be used to predict what will happen in the markets.

See this example

I advised members to look for the price to pullback (drop) from its recent high of $10,122.20. I explained why I was going to buy more at $8,150. Within a couple of days it did just that before then shooting back up to $9900 and later all the way to $12,474.

There is a lot of information out there about what Cryptocurrencies are but the most important things to know are:

1. It is something that could potentially make you a lot of money in the next few years.

2. It is becoming main-stream. Companies such as Microsoft and Expedia, among 100,000 others now accept it as a form of payment.

3. Hedge funds are investing into Cryptocurrencies.

Dreaming of financial independence?

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