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30 years trading financial markets

Hi there! My name is Marc Walton and I have over 30 years of financial experience that I would like to share with you. I want to show you why I believe in cryptocurrencies. Since 2002, I have traded foreign currencies online. By 2006 I was trading million dollar funds for private clients. 

To do this successfully I needed to become an expert on world financial markets.

In 2008 I launched an online training education site that has helped over 10,750 people and is still going strong today. I have  5* reviews for my mentorship on independent review sites in this niche.


During the dot com boom of the 1990’s I traded stocks/shares.

In the offline world, I have created 3 “brick and mortar businesses” from scratch. This enabled me to semi-retire aged 40 and I am an experienced property investor.

I recently retired from full time trading.

I rarely talk about myself and certainly do not like to brag, but with age and experience I believe we are on the verge of a financial revolution that will make smart investors very rich in the next few years.

Why Cryptocurrencies?

In 2019, realising I had missed out on the Bitcoin/Crypto first wave I started to research Cryptocurrencies in minute detail.

Applying my 40 years of business, investing & trading experience, I believe that the “second wave” is now starting.

For those who get in now, I am confident they could make more money in the next few years than younger investors made in 2017.

Just like the .com boom, there will be some spectacular profits to be made from a small group of over 1000 “crypto coins” that are currently on offer.

In my opinion, most will implode and cease to exist within the next 5 years, but the select few will go on to become some of the biggest, most successful businesses on the planet.

Amazon, Ebay and Google to name a few, came out of the 90’s boom. Had you bought shares in any back then, just a few $1000, is now worth millions, even after the COVID-19 and 2008 crashes.

A Brief History

This year I retired from trading foreign currencies for private clients after 15 years.

I started my 1st business aged 21 with no money nor family experience. I was able to sell my 3rd and semi retire in 1999.

My wife and I bought 10 houses to refurbish and rent out to create income using a clever strategy a millionaire friend of ours kindly shared with us.

We then sold our main home, business, cars, the lot and emigrated with our young family to live in the beautiful, sunny Canary Islands.

Throughout the .com boom of the 1990’s I traded shares. I made a lot of money, but like many (then) inexperienced retail investors, I didn’t see the warning signs of the impending bust cycle and lost a chunk of the profits.


I will not make that mistake again!

It was obvious in 2008 that the markets were due a correction, though few realised quite how bad it would be.

However, the Bitcoin boom and bust in 2017 was very predictable. There is a saying that when the daily news shows and taxi drivers are talking about jumping into an investment, the big money has already left the room!

Experienced investors and fund managers could see the writing on the wall, when Bitcoin hit almost $20,000 a coin in 2017, that the smart money would take their profits & a big drop would ensue.


Being able to get in and out of investments at the right time is key to being able to maximise ones profits. For the benefit of my kids, investors and followers I aim to focus on this exciting sector in the next few years.

Previously, parental advice was “get a mortgage, buy a house.” I have lived through enough property slumps to know that it’s not the best of investment anymore.

Getting into the right Cryptocurrency, at the right time of the cycle and knowing which to buy and the majority to leave alone, might just give your kids enough cash to buy a house outright in a matter of years!

If you want to come along for the ride, then join me on the inside…


Why I Believe in Cryptocurrencies

If you would like to know more about why I believe cryptocurrencies could be one of the best financial opportunities in your lifetime, come to my free webinar presentation!

We will dive into:

  • Why leaving money in your bank isn’t a good idea
  • Why buying Cryptocurrencies could be the best financial decision of your life + the evidence!
  • Why Wall Street & big banks are now embracing crypto
  • Your Government is creating its own Crypto – why?


If you are hesitant about putting your money into something you can’t physically see or feel but you are equally concerned that if you don’t jump in now, you could miss out on making some serious money, then sign up to my free webinar presentation below and find out more about investing in Cryptocurrencies.

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